We are a group of cartoonists and caricaturists from all over the world who have gathered together to fight against any kind of racism and terrorism. In our point of view, Zionism is the worst kind of racism and is the enemy of the world’s big religions. The brutal and illogical Takfiris massacre the followers of different religions in the name of religion. We invite the freelance and independent artists from all over the world to accompany us in our fight against racism and terrorism. A sacred fight by the means of pens and pencils.


A: The caricature of Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist State.
B: The caricature of the Queen of England.
A: Zionism, terrorism and racism.
B: ISIS genocide and terrorism in the name of religion.


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The Awards

A big $ 5000 awards for the Cartoon section.

A $ 1000 award for the Caricature section.

Four $ 500 awards for the four selceted works.

Rules regarding the competition:

There is no limit in sending catoons and caricature, but they should be in the format of 300 dpi. jpg.
The deadline of sending your caricatures and cartoons is June.16.2016 (One month after the Nakba day).
Don’t forget to make a file containing your first and last names and your phone number and email us at

Racism and terrorism in the name of religion is the biggest threat to the humanity’s freedom and peace. Zionists and Takfiris are like two edges of the same pair of scissors acting against humans. To fight against their malice, we conjoin and draw cartoons and caricatures.

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